"Better Facebook" will soon be known as "Social Fixer"!

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Better Facebook has been under development and running strong for almost 2 years, but it will soon get a name change, as required by Facebook. The new brand will be Social Fixer. (Why the change? Read this blog post explaining it). Spread the news!

Very soon, I’ll be officially announcing the new name and web site, along with a new version of the app that has been re-branded and improved. For now, enjoy the new logo below, created by BFB-user Jennifer Pictorian.


Note: I know that not everyone loves the new name, and not everyone loves the logo. Keep in mind that I am a guy who does this in his spare time, not a company with a marketing budget or design staff. I do the best I can, and I think it turns out pretty well, thankyouverymuch Smile. Additional help is always welcome, and helpful feedback is always appreciated!

Matt Kruse

PS – I’m aware of a number of new problems caused by Facebook’s recent code changes, including tabs not working correctly, some posts being hidden, filters disappearing, friend tracker stuck on loading, and errors when popping up Options. I’m working as hard as I can to resolve these issues!

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