Manage Your Friend Subscriptions To See ALL Their Updates

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2133269326[1]After FB’s recent changes, you may have noticed that you aren’t seeing all of your friends’ updates in your feed. This is because FB defaults to showing “Most Updates” for your friends instead of “All Updates”. Fortunately, there is a way to change this for each friend without visiting their individual profiles.

Many users think they have to visit each of their friends’ profiles to change their subscription settings to “All Updates”, but there is an easier way. On your profile page, click the Subscriptions link in the left column, then click “Friend Subscriptions” in the header. This will list all of your friends, and your subscription status for each. Friends who you’ve hidden from your news feed will show the “Subscribe” button.


(FYI, the screenshot of my profile above has been anonymized using Better Facebook‘s “Anonymize Screen” function found in the Account dropdown under the arrow in the upper right of the header bar – try it out!).

You can also go directly here to get to this screen in your profile:

Now you can hover over the “Subscribed” button for each friend and this menu will show to select which updates you want to see from this friend:


For each friend, you can choose “All Updates” by clicking on it. The change is made and saved immediately – there is no “save” button. When subscribed to “All Updates” you will see a new circle icon on the Subscribed button.


You can quickly do this for each of your friends, and you should start seeing more posts in your news feed soon. If you want to get really specific about which posts you see from each friend, you can also choose from the update types lower in the popup.

I’m exploring the possibility of providing a feature in Better Facebook to automatically convert all friends to “All Updates”, or provide some even more efficient way for users to change their friend subscription settings. Although this method shown is much faster than visiting each friends’ profile individually, it still takes more time than it should.

Keep in mind, your friends may not be seeing all your updates, because in their list you have defaulted to “Most Updates”. If you want your friends to be able to see everything you post, share this post so they can learn how to update their settings!

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