Better Facebook 5.95 Release Notes

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5.95Better Facebook 5.95 is a patch release to fix some things broken by Facebook code changes and to add a few more options.

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  • New Option: “Scroll the ticker down with the page rather than keeping it static” in the Layout tab. Defaults to enabled. This prevents the ticker from overlapping the panels added by Better Facebook.
  • New Option: “Prevent BFB from running when playing games on” in the Popular tab, under all the icons. Some users have rendering problems in games when BFB is running, so this option lets you disable BFB just when playing games.
  • Added a new story type to filters: Subscription notifications. These are stories about friends now allowing subscriptions, or friends subscribing to others’ updates.


  • Auto-tabbing of application posts stopped working for some users because Facebook removed essential data from its source. The functionality started working again after the data returned to the source. I’ve put in a fix that should prevent this from being a problem in the future. 
  • Some stories were being marked as duplicate and hidden incorrectly.
  • When writing a birthday message using the new birthday widget dialog, pressing enter didn’t submit if you had the option enabled to use the comment button. This is fixed.


  • The Firefox add-on is now compatible with version 10.0a1.

To Do

  • Facebook continues to make changes at a rapid pace, and there are a few features that don’t work right or need revisited. I will continue to work on this.
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