How To Tab (or Un-Tab) Facebook App Posts

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frontiervilles-pioneer-trail[1]New applications and games get released on Facebook every day. When this happens, Better Facebook may not recognize the app, so its posts won’t automatically get sent to a tab like others. Fortunately, it’s easy to tab new apps!

When you hover over posts, icons appear in the upper right of the post. (If they don’t, make sure Options->Posts->”Show Post Action Icons on each post” is checked). When you find a post from an app that you want tabbed, click the “+” icon, as seen here:


Your page will then refresh and posts from the app should be automatically added to tabs. If they don’t, make sure that Options->Popular->”Automatically move posts from Apps into their own tabs” is checked!

But what if you do NOT want some apps going to tabs? For example, Twitter. Un-tabbing an app is easy also! When you hover over tabs, an “x” icon will appear. Clicking this will close the tab and cause those posts to reappear in your home newsfeed.


If you are wondering why tabs for applications appear sometimes but not others, perhaps this FAQ entry will help: Why do tabs for games sometimes appear and sometimes not?

Finally, if you want granular control, or you just want to check out how these choices are stored “under the hood”, you can find that in the Options->Filtering tab. Just make sure that the “Advanced Options Mode” checkbox is checked, otherwise you won’t see these fields!


I hope this quick post helps you keep tabs on your tabs! Smile

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