Hide Facebook’s New Chat Sidebar and Ticker

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imageFacebook continues to make changes to its layout for some users – but not all. Many users are see two features which they may not like – a big tall sidebar on the right with all their chattable friends, and a constantly-updating “ticker” of what their friends are doing right now. With Better Facebook, you can hide both of these!

Until I get a new release packaged up to add these as built-in Better Facebook options, you can use the Custom CSS feature of BFB to add rules to hide these things. (And if you haven’t already, check out some more stuff you can do on the CSS Snippets Page).

Open the BFB Options panel, make sure you have “Advanced Options Mode” checked, and click to the CSS tab. In the big box, enter this code to hide the two panels. Or, if you prefer, just enter one or the other to hide what you want.

/* Hide Chat Sidebar */
.fbChatSidebar { display:none !important; }

/* Hide the live ticker */
.ticker_stream { display:none !important; }

Note: If you have text in the box already, add this to the bottom – don’t over-write what you have!

This screenshot shows an example:


Since these features are new and not rolled out to everyone, you may not have a need for this. Also, since these are still in development, it might be that these fixes don’t work for some users or stop working for everyone as Facebook continues to tweak their code. As always, I will keep working on fixes to give you the flexibility you want, but that Facebook won’t give you!

UPDATE: It looks like Facebook has just released a setting to hide the chat sidebar, so you don’t need that CSS fix. Take a look and see if you have it. Here is a screenshot:


Thank you to David Williams for help with the CSS!

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