Restore Default Enter Key Behavior In Facebook Comments

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Last night, Facebook made a change to post comments. Now, when you press Enter, your comment will be submitted, and the “Comment” button itself is gone. This post will tell you how to revert back to the previous behavior using browser extensions!

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This change is in keeping with Facebook’s apparent goal to make the site more instant and chat-like, because this Enter behavior is how most Instant Messenger clients work. However, many users don’t like the change. Enter=New Line is standard behavior everywhere on the web in textareas and comments.

Though you can press Shift+Enter now to enter a new line, this just doesn’t come naturally to most people. Luckily, there is hope!

The extensions below (more versions coming soon) will revert back to the old behavior, letting you press Enter without fear of posting!

b_chrome2 Facebook Comment Fixer
Extension for Chrome
b_firefox Facebook Comment Fixer
Add-On for Firefox
b_greasemonkey2 Facebook Comment Fixer
User Script for Greasemonkey
b_safari Facebook Comment Fixer
Extension for Safari

b_opera Facebook Comment Fixer
Extension for Opera 11 

This feature will soon be added to the Better Facebook browser extension. If you don’t already use it, check it out! It adds a lot of great features to Facebook, and improves the UI.

icon_100x1003 Download Better Facebook


Update 3/16 4:00pCST: Added Safari Extension

Update 3/16 5:00pCST: Added Firefox Add-On

Update 3/17 9:00aCST: Added Opera Extension

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