Avoid Missing Posts In Your Facebook Feed!

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2011-02-10-broken-feedHave you ever wondered why you don’t see some posts in your feed, but you see them on your friends’ wall? Well, Facebook has a nasty little habit of wanting to control what you see. It thinks that based on your friends, things you like, comments you make, and interactions you have, it can figure out what stories you want to see in your feed. But you can take back the control!

Better Facebook defaults you into the “Most Recent” view of your feed. This is a stream of posts in reverse chronological order (newest at the top), as opposed to the “Top News” feed where Facebook picks what it thinks you would be most interested in.

But in the Most Recent feed, you still may not be seeing all the posts that your friends and your Liked pages post. I assume this is because Facebook thinks you would be overwhelmed by a stream of posts from all your connections. But with Better Facebook and the ability to filter, tab, and mark posts as read and muted, you are already able to manage the flow of information, so you surely want to see it all!

It’s possible to see all posts by changing an obscure setting in your news feed interface. At the bottom of your feed you will see the footer with an “Edit Options” link:


Clicking it brings up this dialog where you can see who you have hidden from your feed, as well as a setting called “Show posts from” that defaults to “Friends and pages you interact with most”:


Simply change the value of the dropdown to be “All of your friends and pages” and click Save:


Your feed will now include posts from all your connections, and you can choose what to hide, ignore, filter, and tab.

This is very important for pages like my Better Facebook Page. When I post important updates about known problems with Better Facebook, or issues that Facebook is having, or I ask for feedback about new features, it’s important that everyone who has Liked the page see the post in their feed. If Facebook is hiding my post from you because you’ve never “Liked” a post from Better Facebook and never made a comment, then you are missing out!

Be sure to check your settings and make sure that you are getting all the posts you should. Hope this helps!

A Note About New Page Layouts

Facebook recently changed the layout of Pages, and gave Page administrators the option of whether to switch now or wait. For those who have switched, one of the biggest complaints is that Page wall posts are no longer in chronological order! There is no way for a user to choose to view Page walls in chronological order right now. Hopefully Facebook will realize the stupidity of this decision and fix it asap!

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